The Cheaper Route to Internet Marketing

The Cheaper Route to Internet Marketing

Web ads are the most common platforms to market your business over the Internet. There are pay-per-click ads, pay-per-info ads and so many others. They keep popping up in different forms all designed to take advantage of your money. Don’t be a slave to Google AdWords or whatever provider you have. Be smart about your online campaigns and you will surely save a lot of money.

Content is always king

Content is not limited to words. Now you can have videos, images, etc. for your content. Write powerful blog posts, offer free articles that visitors in your site can share with their friends, Tweet call to action words and use online tools to make people visit your site.

Study your visitors’ behavior

Which of your blog posts garnered the highest traffic? Which of your Tweets had the highest response rate? Which of your Facebook shoutouts had the most number of likes? You must use this information to further gain your visitor’s attention and ultimately his or her trust. After that, you can then get them to sign up and you can send them more targeted promotions. You now have a better chance of converting this visitor into a buying customer.

Pack a punch

Your posts must pack a punch. They must be complete, helpful, entertaining (when needed) and they must come with a powerful headline or title.

Post something that people will want to visit over and over. As people share your links, your search engine ranking will also increase.

Keep it fresh

All of your social media networks must be up-to-date with the latest news about your company and in your industry. Don’t just make it about yourself. Give your audience useful information that they can share through their Facebook or Twitter pages. The more people link to your website through these social networking sites, the higher your ranking increases and if you show up in page one of every major search engine, you can be assured of an increase in traffic.

If you can’t do this alone, assign staff to update your sites regularly. The problem of most marketers is that they start big but they can’t follow it through. Consistency is key to getting repeat and new visitors. Remember, the more people going in and out of your sites, the less you have to spend on pay-per-click ads.

Personalize your sites

Instead of spending money on pay-per-click ads, set up personalized and targeted landing pages for each kind of customer or visitor. Your Facebook crowd may be different from your Twitter so feed each one with different types of data. Take this scenario as an example. You sell lipstick and you have 3 types of markets – teens, young working women and housewives. The first market is usually attracted to bright lipstick shades and colorful packaging. They are very much into beauty and fashion so give them articles about the latest in these fields. For the second market, they are probably looking for makeup looks that are office-friendly. Give them tutorials on how to do this look. As for the third market, these ladies are probably looking for a no-fuss product that lasts all day. After all, they don’t have the time to keep re-touching their makeup so give them content on how to stay beautiful on stressful days or a 5-minute makeup guide.

By doing these dirt cheap methods, you can be sure to save your wallet from going empty. You are also assured of faster and better results.