Moleskine Goes Digital – What Businesses Can Learn From This

Moleskine Goes Digital – What Businesses Can Learn From This

Moleskine is a popular brand of high-end notebooks. They pride themselves for producing notebooks that are works of art. The world is becoming digital and the people behind Moleskine are aware of that so they launched a partnership with Evernote. Evernote specializes in digital note taking and archiving. What they are planning to do is to make a special edition notebook that has been carefully inked with lines that make whatever you write in it digitized. You can use your phone camera or tablet camera to scan your writings and digitize it into an Evernote entry.

As a business owner, what are the things that you can learn from this partnership?

Don’t be afraid of change

Moleskine has been around for many, many years and they have already established a reputation. They have good products and they know this. They are confident that they can survive this digital age. They are not afraid of change and are making ways to be able to adapt to change. As a business owner, you should be able to anticipate change as it will inevitably come. You must train yourself to be flexible and plan your business to be strong no matter what happens.

Don’t be afraid of competitors

At first look, you’d think that Moleskine and Evernote are fierce competitors. But they put that aside and established a partnership that will take both their businesses to the next level. They respect and support each other. If you are threatened by a new player in the industry, try to come up with ways to serve the customers better. You know that both of you have something good to put on the table and you might come up with a fabulous new product. You might be surprised how much your competitor wants to have a partnership with you. For all you know, they might also be thinking that you are a threat to them. Like Moleskine and Evernote, maintain your core product and just establish a new product with your partner. Do not lose your identity in the process.

Plan ahead

Moleskine set up a digital team. Why would they need a digital team in an analog company? They’re ready for change, that’s why. They say that this team is a part of a bigger strategy and you should also have a bigger strategy. What Moleskine wants to do is to transfer content from place to place, from analog to digital then vice versa. They are focusing on this project but they still work around the values that the Moleskine brand stands for. So plan ahead but keep your core values intact.

Seize the opportunity

Just because there’s a new trend around does not mean that you are obsolete. See this as an opportunity to become better. Seize the moment and come up with ideas that will wow your customers. Remind customers that you are still around and that they still need you. Don’t be afraid to expand your product line. Who knows, this might be another door to success.

Don’t panic

Nothing good will ever come out of panicking. Take a deep breath and strategize. Study your customers. Study the trend. What makes it so popular? Then see how you can apply it to your products and services.

Embrace change. Embrace new ideas and try to come up with fresh products and services that your customers will enjoy.