Are You Making these AdWords Mistakes?

Are You Making these AdWords Mistakes?

AdWords is one of those pioneers of pay-per-click advertising. Many businesses have built successful campaigns over AdWords and they have reaped the benefits. But, if you don’t know the ins and outs of Google AdWords, you might be in for some trouble. You may find yourself with hundreds of dollars worth of advertising but don’t have the sales to back it up. That can be a scary scenario especially for a small business relying on a tight budget.

Aiming to please everybody

You can’t please everybody and you can’t make everyone click on your ad. Sure, you want to put all the right keywords into your ad so that you reach a wide range of potential customers but do you have the money to back it up and even if you had, it’s still such a waste. You will probably have several hundred clicks but very little convert to sales.

This concept is also applicable to click-throughs. A high click-through rate is cheaper but if you are not converting customers, what’s the point of investing all that money?

Targeted ads are better. See what your best performing keywords are and focus on them. Focus on the audience that is likely to convert into paying customers then bring those customers to a landing page filled with helpful information, freebies and attractive promotions.

Being in the extremes

Are you hungry for attention that your ads are too in-your-face? Or are you too afraid of being in-your-face and make boring ads? Find a balance between the two. People don’t usually like hard selling but they don’t like boring either. The best way to find a balance is to make sure that the important keywords are in your headline. Add some pizzazz in the body of the ad by showing your customers the benefits that they will get from your product.

Asking Google for help

This is probably one of the worst decisions you will ever make when making an AdWords campaign. Google representatives just don’t know how to generate a good AdWords campaign. There are many stories of AdWords disasters from marketers all over the Web. If you really need some help, find a Google AdWords Certified Professional. These people have studied Google’s rules, regulations and techniques and have applied them to actual campaigns. These people undergo training and have to pass an exam in order to be certified.

There are tools available that you can use to help you start your AdWords campaign. You can use Google’s keyword tool or Wordtracker to look for excellent keywords. Also, start with a low budget first until you get the hang of it. Once you are knowledgeable enough, that’s the time to start raising your budget.